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Go World Hunting Consultants
Go World Hunting Consultants
5004 Woodgate Drive
Texarkana, TX
phone: 903-293-2674
Adventure, excitement, the thrill of the chase -- the enjoyment and allure of hunting is timeless.

Go World Hunting Consultants offers you authentic, first-class hunting adventures in some of the best places on planet Earth to pursue big game animals. Currently, Go World Hunting specializes in trophy hog, mule deer, whitetail, elk, black bear and plains game hunts in South Africa, Canada, Colorado and Texas. If hunting is not your thing, we also offer peaceful and relaxing photo safaris in the heart of French speaking Quebec, Canada.

Our East Texas hog hunts are a pure pleasure. Enjoy your stay at a thousand acre property that has a strict management plan in place for quality hogs. All meals and lodging are included in this fun-filled getaway for one of the fastest growing sports in the country -- hog hunting!

Our Canadian black bear hunts are exciting and unforgettable! These 5-day hunts also include fantastic Lake Trout fishing and are perfectly suited for serious bear hunters. These hunts are so good that we quickly sold out for the 2009 season, but we are currently booking hunts for 2010!

In South Africa, we offer once-in-a-lifetime trophy hunts for Warthog, Impala, Wildebeest, Hartebeest and Kudu.

Lodging on our South African hunt takes place on the edge of the Matlabas River, which runs through the picturesque Limpopo Province. The lodge has a nice spa pool that you can enjoy before sitting down to eat a vast array of mouth-watering South African cuisine. Two chalets are available with fully equipped kitchenettes, two double rooms and air condition, including en-suite bathrooms that lead to a large deck where the Matlabas River and the splendor of the African sunset can be enjoyed each afternoon.

These hunts include services of professional hunters, trackers and skinners, camp personnel and 4X4 vehicles, all lodging and meals, including beverages and daily laundry services, field preparation of trophies and transportation of trophies to a local taxidermist.

Go World Hunting's: Trophy Room

Enjoy a week of chasing rutting bull elk in the breathtaking surroundings of scenic-rich Colorado. Hear their bugling-screams echo across the mountaintops, through the canyons and the lush, emerald-colored meadows as your guide leads you on a carefully planned stealth mission to a likely ambush location.

We offer photo safaris to non-hunters who enjoy the purity and sanctity of nature in its wildest form. These trips take place in the heart of French speaking Quebec, Canada near Lac Beauregard. The main lodge sits on the bank of a magnificent lake, with individual cabins spread throughout the 50,000 acres of uninhabited land. Human intrusion is nearly non-existent and kept to a minimum. The wildlife in this area is plentiful and accessible to the lens of your digital camera or video equipment -- everything from bears, moose, deer and beavers to loons, and much more.

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Go World Hunting Consultant's web site below. To book a hunt or a photo safari call: 903-293-2674 or E mail.
Outfitter Directory Home Visit www.goworldhunting.com

Golden Triangle Whitetail
Golden Triangle Whitetail
10825 Carolyn Ct.
Orland Park, IL
phone: 708-828-2378
Experience a quality whitetail hunt in the heart of Illinois' big buck country with Golden Triangle Whitetail. We manage our 13,000 acres of private land with one goal in mind—to put you on the buck of your dreams!

Illinois is home to monster whitetails bucks. And Golden Triangle Whitetail is located in the heart of big buck country—Adams, Brown, and Pike counties—the west-central portion of the state. These countries are known as deer hunting's "Golden Triangle" because they have dominated the Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett listings in recent years. That's why you've read about them in your favorite hunting publications. If you're a serious hunter, you owe it to yourself to experience a hunt in the Land of Lincoln.

We strictly manage each farm for trophy whitetail. We do this in several ways. First, we only buy or lease farms that hold a lot of deer, and have the habitat to produce quality bucks year after year. Second, we don’t start hunting until the third week of October, or the pre-rut phase. No one sets foot on these farms before hand to ensure minimal pressure. Third, we limit the amount of hunters we take on each property, not the amount of bucks we harvest. We do expect our hunters to only harvest a mature 140 + buck. However, we also tell them if it’s the biggest buck you have ever seen, shoot it. Remember, this is not supposed to be only a hunt, but an enjoyable experience. We treat it as both.

Golden Triangle Whitetail: Trophy Room

Turkey Hunting:

An abundant turkey population provides the spring hunter with the utmost challenge. It is not uncommon to see flocks of 20 to 30 at this time of year.

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Golden Triangle Whitetail web site below.
Outfitter Directory Home Visit www.goldentrianglewhitetail.com

Grey Ghost Outfitters
Grey Ghost Outfitters

Ontario, Canada, ON

phone: 807-486-1049
At Grey Ghost Outfitters you will enjoy a professionally handled hunt that gives both the bow or rifle hunter the best possible chance of a successful whitetail, black bear or timber wolf hunt. We concentrate on a quality hunting experience. A fair chase hunt is what we offer. Northwestern Ontario offers fantastic trophy whitetail, black bear and timber wolf hunts in some of the best habitat in Canada.

Trophy Whitetail Hunts: The whitetail deer in Northwestern Ontario are large bodied animals. With high concentrations of whitetail deer across Ontario, you are guaranteed a first-rate hunt. Our hunting areas consist mainly in cedar swamps, creeks, pine ridges and old growth cuts. There are no shortage of areas to hunt for a trophy buck and your qualified guide will ensure your success and safety.

Your hunt will consist of a six day hunt with custom built heated ladder stands. The stands are comfy and easy to get in and out of. We do not use tree pegs. Also included is the capeing, skinning, and skull preperation of your trophy. We will supply each hunter with a radio and contact you at set intervals throughout the day. Serious hunters know the more trips in and out of an area, the more likely you are to spook the buck you're looking for, so we encourage an all day sit.

Our deer are under very little hunting pressure and have a large amount of cover so you will see more activity through the mid-day hours than you are accustomed to. However, because of weather and other uncontrollable factors some days are a lot more active than others. Use your time wisely and invest it all where there is a mature buck, and your patience will pay off.

Grey Ghost Outfitters: Trophy Room

Trophy Black Bear Hunts: Since the spring bear hunt was cancelled, Ontario now only has the fall hunt. With no bears being harvested in the spring, there is no shortage of black bears for the fall bear hunt.

This is a exciting hunt and a great time to be in the bush. With high concentrations of black bears across Ontario, you are guaranteed a first-rate hunt. Our bear hunting areas have been scouted over the years by experienced guides. There are no shortage of areas to hunt for a trophy black bear and your qualified guide will ensure your success and safety.

There are many hours of thought and preparation put into the set up of bear camp in order to provide you with a comfortable, safe, remote hunting adventure with all the comforts of home. It doesn't take a wizard to harvest a mature bear here. There are no municipal garbage dumps here, so you don't have to worry about the harvest of a dump bear!

Fishing is also included with these hunts so don't forget your fishing rods and enjoy the great fishing. The hunt starts August 15th and ends September 15th to allow enough time for preparation for the deer hunt.

Timber Wolf Hunts: These are six day hunts because the time of year we hunt wolves can be an endurance test. January, February and March are good. We do some calling, baiting and the use of decoys can also be effective. Nothing can make the hair stand up on the back of your neck like an answer to a call on a cold, calm, mid-winter evening on a frozen lake in Ontario, knowing you're in the right place.

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Grey Ghost Outfitters web site below. To book a hunt call: 807-486-1049 or E mail.
Outfitter Directory Home Visit www.greyghostoutfitters.com

Gulbrandsen Outfitters
Gulbrandsen Outfitters
PO Box 538
Rainy River, ON
phone: 807-852-3782
Shane Gulbrandsen of North West Ontario-based, Gulbrandsen Outfitters, offers fantastic fully-guided trophy whitetail and black bear hunts. North Western Ontario can compete with any place for trophy class animals. The large amounts of cover and low hunting pressure are why our animals can reach a mature age.

The Deer Hunt:

Your hunt will be for six days from heated tree stands. You will be brought to and from the stands by four wheeler and given a radio, so we can keep in contact with you during the day. To ensure you have the best hunt possible we only book a maximum of 8 hunters a week, no 25 or 30 hunters a week here. Each and every stand setup is in area where bucks frequent the area. Everyone has the same chance at a trophy buck.

The Bear Hunt:

Since the spring bear hunt was cancelled, Ontario now only has the fall hunt. With no bears being harvested in the spring there are no shortage of bears for the fall. This is an exciting hunt and a great time to be in the bush. The bear hunt is also a six day hunt. Hunting from tree stands with active baits that have been in place and running well in advance. The baiting system I provide ensures that the bears never run out of food at any time. Again careful stand placement with the baits are a must so it offers the hunter the best chance to judge and determine the age and sex of the bear. The brown color phase is common here. I have bear guided for 10 years for other camps and have seen what works and what doesn't work. You will not be sitting at an empty bait site that the bears have abandoned with us. Again there will be a limited number of hunters per week to ensure you have the best hunt possable.

Gulbrandsen Outfitters: Trophy Room

All animals will be free roaming and pursued under fair chase hunting conditions in the Canadian wilderness.

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to Gulbrandsen Outfitters web site below.
Outfitter Directory Home Visit www.gulbrandsenoutfitters.com

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Pentax Sport Optics - Click Me!
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