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Bowhunter Haven
Bowhunter Haven

Nebraska City , NE

phone: 816-741-1909
Bowhunter Haven offers affordable bow hunts for trophy whitetails and turkey. Located in southeastern Nebraska -- approximately one hour from both Omaha and Lincoln -- the dominant topography of our property consists of steep ravines and hardwood timber covered ridges. These ridges overlook the picturesque Missouri River bottoms to the east and to the north.

Our property is surrounded by thousands of acres of cropland and by the flood plain of the Missouri River. The primary crops in this region are corn, soybeans and alfalfa. Our hardwood timber is home to oak, walnut and hickory, which produce bountiful crops of acorns and hickory nut mast. These native protein producers coupled with lush croplands are a natural magnet for trophy bucks and turkeys. This habitat along with the combination of our ongoing herd management practices allow for several trophy bucks to be harvested each season.

For the deer hunter we have tree stands placed in prime deer traffic areas. Stalking is not allowed. We also have portable blinds and decoys for the turkey hunter. We provide transportation to and from your hunting location, and assist in retrieving your deer via 4-wheel drive vehicles that are equipped with winches.

Your hunt includes housing with all linens and home cooked meals at our three bedroom farmhouse located on our primary hunting ground. Our farmhouse provides a panoramic view of the timber, crop ground and pasture. It is not unusual, even during hunting season, to view numerous deer and turkey feeding in the fields behind the house. We offer the best rates in the area for both whitetail deer and turkey hunts.

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Bowhunter Haven web site below.
Outfitter Directory Home Visit www.bowhunterhaven.com

Bucks and Beards Outfitters
Bucks and Beards Outfitters
1031 W. Edwards
Maryville, MO
phone: 660-582-3996
Bucks and Beards Outfitters operate in northwest Missouri and southwest Iowa, offering trophy whitetail and Eastern turkey hunts.

Bowhunting is our specialty! We specialize in archery whitetail hunting on over 10,000 acres of PRIME, private hunting land, with over 4000-plus acres designated for ARCHERY ONLY! No hunting is allowed on our land before the last week of October to ensure our hunters have fresh, non-pressured land to increase their chances of taking that trophy of a lifetime!

We offer a limited number of hunts to ensure you're hunting fresh stands and to keep pressure on the game to a minimum. In our 9 years of outfitting we have a 65 percent success rate for our archery deer hunts. If you're looking for Pope and Young book measurements look no further than Bucks and Beards Outfitters.

Rifle and muzzleloader rut hunts are available in limited numbers. Rifle season in northwest Missouri is during the rut. This offers rifle hunters a prime opportunity to take a great buck during this season. With over 8000 acres to hunt, the buck of a lifetime could be headed your way!

Northwest Missouri also offers fantastic turkey hunting! It's not uncommon to hear up to 20 different gobblers on a clear spring morning. Birds in the 25-pound and up range are not uncommon. Scattered timber, plenty of CRP, and crop ground give us the perfect habitat for our large eastern population. Men, women, children and physically challenged individuals are all welcome to hunt with us. We have a lot of fun during turkey season! Hunting ends at 1:00 p.m. daily, so this leaves us plenty of time to rest, fish or enjoy a game of golf.

Bucks and Beards Outfitter's: Trophy Room

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Bucks and Beards Outfitters web site below.
Outfitter Directory Home Visit www.bucksandbeards.net

Bucks-n-Ducks Outfitters
Bucks-n-Ducks Outfitters
P.O. Box 172
South Amana, IA
phone: 319-493-0508
Bucks-n-Ducks was formed by two friends: Lynn Buswell and Greg Neyman who are both trophy whitetail and waterfowl hunting fanatics. We enjoy chasing monster Iowa whitetails and love the rush of watching decoying birds coming into a perfectly set decoy spread. We are located in Southeastern Iowa. We guide our hunts in "our own backyard". We have hunted these areas our entire lives. We also have over 13 years of experience as professional guides and have guided hunters across the nation.

As most hunters know, Iowa is the big buck hotspot at this time. We offer outstanding genetics, perfect habitat and great food sources. Our deer quality is some of the best in the nation.

Bucks-n-Ducks offers a fantastic semi-guided whitetail deer hunt in southeast, Iowa. Opportunities to take Pope and Young as well as Boone and Crockett class bucks are available on these hunts. We only allow 4 archery deer hunters and 4 Season 1 shotgun deer hunts per year on our managed leases. Most leases have been in QDM for at least 10 years and have established food plots. All hunts are semi-guided and include lodging. We are located in Iowa’s Zone # 7.

Bucks-n-Duck's: Trophy Room

With over 30 years of whitetail deer hunting experience be rest assured we understand big bucks and how to take them. To date our head guide has taken 11 Pope and Young bucks and 5 gun kills netting over 150-inches. When you book a hunt with us you are hunting unpressured deer on managed leases. All hunts are fair chase and although Iowa is a hot spot, success still depends upon the individual hunter’s ability. Our archery rut hunts are some of the best in the nation.

We are also known nationwide for our guided waterfowl hunts. We hunt the Mississippi flyway. Mallards, gadwall, widgeon, wood ducks, blue & green winged teal, as well as many species of Diving ducks that also pass through this area. Canadian geese migrate by the thousands and we winter many large flocks of locals. Our Spring snow goose hunts in Northwest Missouri are legendary.

When you book a hunt with us you are buying experience, Bucks-n-Ducks is what we do and is what we have done for over 13 years. Most hunts include lodging, please give us a call, we love to talk bucks and ducks. We have one purpose here, we make memories that will last a lifetime.

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Bucks-n-Ducks web site below.
Outfitter Directory Home Visit www.bucksnducks.info

Buffalo County Buck Connection
Buffalo County Buck Connection
S1226 State Road 88
Mondovi, WI
phone: 715-946-3211
Buffalo County Buck Connection is a hunting outfitter that specializes in providing semi-guided hunts for trophy whitetail deer. We also offer spring turkey hunts.

Our hunting property consists of approximately 3,300 acres of privately owned land in the heart of Buffalo County -- Absolutely no high fences; this is a fair chase hunt!

The state of Wisconsin is known as one of the best places to hunt deer in the country and Buffalo County is recognized as one of the best trophy buck regions in the nation. Buffalo County is located in Wisconsin along the upper Mississippi River valley. After many years of Quality Deer Management, it has earned a well deserved reputation for producing trophy whitetail bucks.

During the September through December seasons, we offer semi-guided hunts. You will be hunting wild whitetail deer in their natural habitat on 3,300-plus acres of privately owned land in a Quality Deer Management area, the trophy whitetail heart of Wisconsin known as Buffalo County.

Your hunting package will include the hunt, lodging, all meals, tree stands and the knowledge of experienced hunters and outfitters, Jeff and Dave Peil.

Buffalo County Buck Connection's: Trophy Room

Buffalo County Buck Connection's: Video Trophy Room

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Buffalo County Buck Connection web site below.
Outfitter Directory Home Visit www.buckconnection.com

Buffalo County Bucks
Buffalo County Bucks
260 Round Lake Drive
Shell Lake, WI
phone: 715-645-0865
Buffalo County Bucks is your answer to getting the trophy buck of a lifetime or a chance at a big Wisconsin Gobbler.

Buffalo County, Wisconsin has produced more trophy whitetail deer than any other region in the WORLD!

Located in the heart of Buffalo County, Wisconsin, you will hunt pre-scouted private land in or around the townships of Alma, Modena, Nelson and Waumandee.

There are 8 different designated hunting locations, each with their own access point to minimize impact and pressure on the deer with a limited number of hunters allowed each season. Our clients measure our hunts by the entire experience, not by inches alone. Please join us for an excellent FREE RANGE TROPHY WHITETAIL HUNT.

We offer modern metal ladder stands along with totally enclosed heated shelters to hide your scent and increase your hunting success.

We offer deer hunting from mid-September through January of the year by bow, rifle and muzzleloader, depending on the regulations for any given year.

Buffalo County Buck's: Trophy Room

Buffalo County Buck's: Trail Cam Buck Pictures

Turkey hunting is also available in the spring and fall, depending on Wisconsin's hunting regulations.

We also have experience catering to handicapped and elderly hunters, and can provide specially designed hunts for your needs.

We offer modern-equipped cabins in the local area. We hope you can join us and we welcome the opportunity to make your hunting experience a memorable one with Buffalo County Bucks.

For more information on available dates and price quotes go to the Buffalo County Buck's web site below.
Outfitter Directory Home Visit www.buffalocountybuck.com

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